Hagai - Volunteer Food Delivery Application

For organizations delivering food for families or elderly people by volunteers



Reduces delivery time to one third

Provides real-time delivery status

Totally free

The Volunteer Experience

Each volunteer receives an SMS message with a link to their delivery list

Efficient driving order

The delivery list is arranged in optimal driving order

Easy Navigation

One click navigation using your favorite navigation app

Quick Dial

Call the family at a click of a button

Real-time reporting

At the click of a button, the volunteer can report a successfully delivery or any problem they ran into

Volunteer reports are updated in real-time displaying who received a delivery, Where are the problems, and why

Some Figures


Deliveries in the Jewish Israeli New Year 2019


Deliveries done this year


Deliveries done in one day during the COVID 19 crisis

How Can We Start?

We create a separate environment for each organization that uses the application

Contact us through our facebook page or email us at noam.honig@gmail.com and we'll get back to you shortly to help you set up the environment

In memory of Hagai Ainemer - 1997 - 2020

The app is dedicated to the memory of my beloved nephew Hagai Ainemer who passed away on January 15th, 2020
For more details about Hagai, click here